My name is Sandra Kluge, I was born in Bremen (Germany)
and I'm the owner/artist behind sonnenkind studio.

Yellow is my soul color and I love anything that’s tiny and beautiful.

With my work, I want to celebrate the beauty of life that exists even in our darkest moments.

For me, the appreciation of beauty is a vehicle to deeply connect with one’s own inner light and therefore project love, kindness, and openness into the world.

Recurring themes in my art are mindfulness and meditation, self love and the inner child, abstract nature elements and landscapes, and duality and “and”-consciousness – often with a dash of humor and cuteness.

I work quickly and intuitively, improvising and remaining open to what the materials want to do, and am inspired by my other artistic practice of being a musician.

My work has been published in the Average Art Magazine, Not Random Art, ArtKnews, and Advice for Artists' Artfest.

Email: [email protected]

Instagram: @sonnenkindstudio